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You will not MASTER Photography Overnight

There I said it, you will not master photography overnight.

Today more than ever a lot of people think they should me able to master anything and everything in a matter of hours or days. This holds true in photography, so many people feel that if they purchase a camera that they will just get it in no time flat.

What tends to happen is people get frustrated with their “camera” after a few weeks or months and end up saying “my camera sucks”. We know its not the camera that sucks because you can get great images with any camera on the market.

The truth is you will not master photography in 6 months or sometimes even in 4 or 5 years. It may take a very long time until you feel confortable in your skin as a photographer. But the idea that you need or should be able to master photography in little or no time needs to change.

I am personally 18 years into shooting. I started off not knowing a thing but through years of practice and messing up I feel like I am in a great place as a photographer.

That also brings up a good point, if you don’t know how to shoot something the best thing to do is go out and attempt it on your own. Sure its fine to do some looking around online for some help but you really need to shut up and shoot. There is a lot to learn online but nothing replaces trying.

I get so many simple questions on the web site that people submit that they could simply answer if they tried to solve their own problem. Before you submit a question to anyone try to answer it yourself. Don’t take the easy way out without first trying everything you can to figure it out on your own.

The moral of the story is its going to take time to master anything and honestly we all may never truly become a master. But you have to experiment, you have to try you have to do something on your own. You have to put in the 10,000 hours that everyone talks about.

There will come a day when something clicks and you go ah, I get it, I understand what I am doing here. And that day is amazing but you can’t stop there and be satisfied. You have to forge ahead and continue to hone your skills.

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