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Zack Arias Flash Photography - 5 Min Portrait

I got to spend the day with Zack Arias when he held his OneLight workshop at my studio/apartment. What an amazing teacher, photographer and person. This guy is all about teaching, doing better and passing on the knowledge.

After a long 17 hour day I asked Zack if he would be able to do a 5 min portrait of me to post on the site for all of you guys to see. We started shooting right around 2 AM and Zack was able to hammer out some AMAZING portraits.

I think you will be able to pick up some lighting nuggets from Zack during this video. You will see him go from one or two speedlights to using three.

Zack is a master with speedlights, it was truly an honor to get to pose for a portrait with him. For more information on what is in Zack’s bag and why he switched from Nikon to Canon CLICK HERE.

If you would like to see more 5 min portraits please check out the YouTube player below. Use the grey box in the bottom right hand corner to cycle through different videos.

Here are all of the images for you to see. You can see all of the meta data to give you a little look inside the settings.