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Flash Photography HELP - From a Reader

I receive a ton of e mails every day. One e mail came in from a reader who said “their flash stopped working” at a very important time during a wedding. They mentioned that there are about 10 shots that are not usable and they needed to be saved in Lightroom. I asked him to send me one RAW file to see what I could do with it and to see what they did wrong with their flash.

When I took the image into Lightroom it was a simple correction of dragging the exposure up 3 stops. Yes 3 stops is a ton but the RAW file from a D700 is very strong and I consider that to be a saved image.

The other major issue was the settings that the pictures were being taken at. As you will see in the video with Adam and I we break down the settings the photographer used. We also talk about what the settings could be to one save the flash and two get better images.

It is very important to know that we are not ripping this photographer, we are not trying to put them down. We are simply being straight up honest about the image but also explaining how to make it better.

This is one reason why we have a Flash Photography Boot Camp that is open to anyone. The next Flash Boot Camp is June 16th to sign up please CLICK HERE.