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Adobe Lightroom VS Photoshop Portrait Editing

When it comes to processing and editing my images I spend 99.9999% of my time in Adobe Lightroom. My style of editing does not call for a lot of extra touching up beyond my original edits. This of course is personal preference but I can tell you that the more Lightroom advances the more it starts to gain key features from Photoshop.

As some of you know I asked my friend Nathaniel from Tutvid to retouch one of my Matisyahu portraits. You can click here to check out his entire process step by step in Photoshop.

My personal opinion on his edit is I am not the biggest fan but part of that is my fault. I can not expect someone to start from scratch and end up with something that will be close to how I process my files. On the flip side what I could do now is send my final edit over and have him retouch that. That way he has a starting point and a clear cut direction to work with. It is all about communication and discussions.

With that said I know a lot of people like the edit. Isn’t that the great thing about Art? The fact that some people will like some things and others just wont. I think the process he took to get to the final image was fascinating. That may not be my style of editing but there is so much you can learn from what Nathaniel showed us all.

Which program do you prefer for editing your photos? Are you a Lightroom or Photoshop only person or is there a mix of both. There is no right or wrong way to edit images. Sure there are some things that are looked down upon but if you like something, you like it.

Click Here for Tutvid’s retouching in Adobe Photoshop.

Below you will find my final edit as well as the

FroKnowsPhoto Matisyahu Adobe Lightroom Edit

Adobe Lightroom VS Photoshop