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Digital Photography Child Portrait

I was searching through the Flickr Photo Group and this photo jumped out at me by Jason Colak. Look how calm and relaxed the kid is, he is mesmerized by whatever he is watching. I would like to think its the Fro Knows Photo theme song but I think it is something else.

What I like about the image is how tack sharp it is. Look at the eye, you can see the reflection in his eyes and his eye lashes are very sharp. Don;t forget the key to most people images is getting the eye in focus. If you miss the focus and its on the nose or ear or cheek, you pretty much don’t have a usable image. To make sure that you will lock in on the eye you want to make sure your camera is on single focus meaning it will not slip once you lock it in.

One minor criticism that I see that Jason did mention is his framing. He almost cut off a finger and did cut off part of his ear. Now I wont sit here and say that it ruins his image at all. I am not a huge nit picker of images. This image still works as he capture an amazing moment in time. For the future I did recommend trying to have his son more to the right side of the frame possibly not showing an ear at all. All and all this is a great image that he will have for a long long time!!!

Sitting Quietly