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Here we are again editing another user submitted RAW file, remember that neither Greg nor I took this picture and it was submitted by a reader of the web site.

This weeks image was captured with the Nikon D3000 and Nikon 55-300 VR Lens. It is a great capture of a blade of grass with water on it. I was really surprised to see how sharp the focus was on the blade of grass and water.

When I was editing it I took the approach of making it pop as much as possible but making it seem a little darker. If you remember the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids a lot of the movie is filmed in the grass and it just seemed darker when you were on that level. That is why my image looks darker, i figured if your on the level of the grass its probably in the shade and should take on a darker quality.

Greg decided to try to very different edits this week, one a little warmer and the other a little colder. This excursive week in and week out shows you different ways that images can be edited, Always remember that photography does not stop when you press the shutter button, it continues into your post processing.

If you would like to submit a RAW file for us to edit please e mail

Jared’s Edit
Jared's Edit of User Submited Raw File

Greg’s Edit #1
Greg's Edit #1 of uder submited Raw FILE

Greg’s Edit #2
Greg's Edit #1 of uder submited Raw FILE