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Feisol Tripod and Ballhead Unboxing

One of the most essential pieces of gear for every photographer is a tripod. There are so many different choices out there and many of these choices are based on what you shoot and where you shoot. I do a lot of location work and travel with my gear, so for me, it’s important that my tripod be lightweight, yet sturdy. Also, I’m 6’1″ and need a tripod with good height. I want the legs on the tripod to be extended to a height that meets or exceeds my height with the camera attached and don’t want to rely on the center column for that additional height, I want to use the legs for stability.

Belive it of not, up until now, I never really made the “investment” into a proper tripod system. I have a decent pistol grip head and carbon fiber legs, but they’re decent at best and were just not cutting it, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and make the investment. I looked at a ton of brands, but my buddy Peter Hurley couldn’t stop saying great things about Feisol, so I checked them out and wow, am I glad I did.

I ended up getting the Feisol Elite Tripod CT-3472LV, which is a carbon fiber tripod that has a self-leveling center column. I paired that with the Feisol Ball Head CB-50DC which also is carbon fiber and seems ideally suited for the tripod. I actually even reached out to Feisol to consult them about my decision and they were so helpful and responsive.

I have relationships with the companies that make most of my gear and feel this is very important as a professional photographer. I want to deal with a company that not only makes good product, but is also responsive and supportive of their core customers.

I’m not sponsored by Feisol, so I have nothing to gain by promoting their product, however I really believe in their product and company and wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. Buying a tripod is a long-time investment. A good tripod system will last for years, hopefully decades, so buy right the first time. And remember that the tripod is holding your precious camera equipment, so definitely not worth skimping on a tripod if you value your gear.

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Adam Lerner