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Friday Flickr Photo Critique #015

This photoset really stood out because of Jan’s keen eye for lines and shapes in structures. I also really liked that not only does Jan have a point of view, but his photo set was consistent with his theme and subject.

Jan is enamored with the architecture of his hometown of Oslo, Norway. It’s interesting that his friends noticed him always photographing the buildings and architectural details of Oslo and helped him realized that he had a really great subject and needed explore as a photographer.

The muted tones and split toning of Jans photos make for a very pleasing and consistent look about his photos. Jan does a great job shooting many of the structures a very minimalistic way, leaving you wanting more and scratching you head on imagining the space.

I was quite impressed with Jan’s photo set and am only offering my opinion and insights which at times may seem harsh, but are honest and full of encouragement, so great job Jan and keep up the good work!

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