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Friday Flickr Photo Critique #017

Stephan hails to us from Vienna, Austria, and from I can tell he seems like a regular dude who digs skateboarding, bands and girls. And he photographs them! I think it’s just great to photograph things that you find interesting. You can discover what you like to photograph within each activity or interest and go from there. SOmetimes, you find your speciality without even trying and I think Stephan is on his way to doing some more really cool stuff.

I like that Stephan thought of a cohesive group of images and presented them as such. As a photographer, people will look to you for your style and your subject matter. It’s cool to be diversified, but it helps to not only have a point of view, but a specialty or two as well.

I was quite impressed with Stephan’s photo set and am only offering my opinion and insights which at times may seem harsh, but are honest and full of encouragement, so great job Stephan and keep up the good work!

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