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A guide to "Capturing Motion" in low light situations

FroKnowsPhoto Goes to ENGLAND

Everything starts with mentality and training yourself to see the world as if it’s a photo waiting to be captured. We are going to discuss the mentality of photographers and what goes into making great photos. What you take away from this Boot Camp will help you on the path to capturing the images you have always envisioned.

Understanding exposure and the exposure triangle is equally as important as a photographer’s mentality. I am going to break down each part of the triangle from Shutter Speed to Aperture to ISO and show you their importance and impact on each other. I have a very exciting demonstration planned, which will allow you to see the triangle at work.

How many of you have had issues with freezing motion, blowing out the background or shooting in low light situations? Are you trying to figure out when to use specific metering and focusing modes? Using carefully planned photo shoots throughout the day, we will LEARN BY DOING in a slew of common photography situations.

With Adam Lerner’s involvement, you’ll be studying with two full-time professional photographers. It is important to me to create a very intimate learning environment for this event, with as much personal attention as possible, so therefore attendance is limited to the first 30 photographers who sign up for this experience.

A major-focus for the 8+ hour Boot Camps is hands-on learning; I feel the best way to understand photography is to LEARN BY DOING so that you see what goes into capturing a great image.

Finally, you and your questions will help make this Boot Camp experience even better. We will encourage your questions throughout the day and will not conclude the event until we’ve helped you arrive at an answer.

Each Boot Camp experience costs $497 USD (currency conversion will be automated by payal), which includes the entire day of instruction with breakfast, lunch and dinner. To register for the event, please click the button below that corresponds to the desired Boot Camp date. Remember space is limited to only 30 participants per date and spots are going to go fast.

Because this is an international event we have to sell a minimum of 15 spots. If we do not sell 15 we will give you a FULL REFUND no questions asked. If for any reason we have to cancel our tour you will be given a full refund.

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