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Fuji X Pro 1 Unboxing and Sniff Test

I got my hands on the Fuji X Pro 1 today at Allen’s Camera. So many people have been waiting for a less expensive quality option to what Leica puts out. This camera seems to be shaping up to be a camera that many pros want to take around opposed to lugging their larger systems.

Fuji has been known to make amazing sensors and lenses and that continues here with the new Fuji X Pro 1. I have always loved to color and clarity that has come out of fuji’s sensors going back to the S5 Pro.

All of my big ass prints are printed on fuji crystal archival and I used to love using fuji film back in the day.

Who is this camera system for. This system is for anyone who one can afford to have a second camera system or is looking to replace their larger cameras and lenses with a quality replacement. I will keep hammering this idea home but it really does not matter what camera system you use, what matters is that you know what your doing when it comes to capturing moments.

I could see carrying around a fuji X Pro 1 and capturing the world around me. I would even use it in the pit at a concert. I love the challenge of using any camera I have to capture great images.

If you would like to RENT this camera you can do so from