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The Truth about Photography: Telling It Like It Is At Google Israel

While I was in Israel I had the pleasure of speaking at Google to over 200 Fro Readers who came out to listen to me speak.

As many of you know I am not a fan of power points or rehearsed speeches and that’s why my Google Meetup was one big Q and A session. The questions that were asked were very solid. It’s always questions that help trigger a deeper discussion in my brain. Because the questions were quality I was able to expand on them and get as much information out as possible.

I was truly humbled by the fact that 200+ people in Israel think highly enough about me to take time away from their schedule to hear me speak. There is no better feeling than to stand in front of you guys and give my all to help. Thank you for those who were able to make it and for those who were not, please enjoy the session.

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Photo concept and lighting setup courtesy of Benjamin Von Wong and Broncolor