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"Street Photography" In Jerusalem: Photo Breakdown

From the FroChives May 6th 2014 Jerusalem Israel (Muslim Quarter) Click Here to download the RAW File

If you have ever ventured off the beaten path in Jerusalem you will find a seemingly endless maze of alleys and streets that take you through the Jewish, Muslim and Christian quarters.

What many outsiders don’t understand is that there are Muslims who live inside Israel and have Israeli citizenship. There is a thriving market for not just tourist goods but every day goods that the people of Jerusalem need.


I spend a good three ours traversing the streets, taking photos and speaking with all different types of people. You can learn so much from the people who are on the ground day in and day out. Sure you may run into some people who aren’t nice but for the most part everyone I spoke with was open to conversing.

This scene caught my eye as I was walking down one of the back roads. This person had a cart of nuts or fruit and was about to take it down a steep incline. If you look near the bottom of the photo to where his feet are you will notice a tire attached to a chain. This tired served as the break, to slow the carts roll this gentlemen simply stepped on the tire.

What I love about this image is the positing of the subject, he is not right in the center of the frame. He also blocks the two people in the back having a discussion. One is my friend Simon Pollack and the other was a local.

As you look around the photo look at all the details that pop out. You have shops open in the back, you have natural frames coming from the things hanging around the perimeter of the image.

I will be posting a video soon that shows you the images before and after this shot so you can get a feel for what was going on. It’s a really interesting thing to see those images.

Nikon D4s Nikon 24-70 2.8 at 48mm
1/320th F3.2 ISO 2000
Shot RAW, Not Cropped, Edited in Adobe Lightroom
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