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Lightroom 4 Creative Editing

Jared and I just returned from an amazing European tour of the UK and Germany. We got to visit Manchester, London, and Cologne and despite only having a few days in each location, we got to meet some amazing people, eat great food, drink delicious beer and see amazing sights. The trip was mostly business, so we didn’t have much time for sightseeing, but I did pop off a few frames whenever possible.

In this video, I discuss my creative editing process with a couple photos from my London and Cologne. I’m using Lightroom 4 to edit each image and go thru step by step my entire process from sharpening, to adjusting white balance, using the HSL to boost colors, using clarity to boost mid-tones, some split-toning, getting more drama from the sky and a whole lot more. I know I go thru these steps rather quickly, but this video is chock full of nuggets and I’m sure you guys will pick up a lot of great tips watching it.

I posted these photos to my flickr stream and both were explored. It means a lot to me that so many of you guys are following my flickr and that I can share my photos with the global photography community.

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