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Lightroom 4 Develop Presets

In this video, I discuss the killer develop presets in Lightroom 4. There is such a variety of amazingly robust presets ranging from stunning black and white enhancements to incredible color and many in between.

I’ve discussed creating Lightroom presets in the past, however the ones bundled with LR4 should not be ignored. Even if you don’t decide to use them exactly, it’s fun to see how they can be used as a starting point for creatively editing your photos. You can even bundle presets as well as editing further and then creating your own presets based on where your edit takes you.

Lightroom 3 also came bundled with fantastic develop presets, however with Lightroom 4′s new processing engine, the LR4 presets just seem to have that extra oomph.

I find that presets can enhance workflow and help to expedite editing – especially when you are editing multiple images of similar look and feel. I also find that certain presets can be applied universally to specific types of images so it’s handy to hold on to them for those occasions.

Overall, there is no right and wrong to being creative with your edits. I try to not go too far overboard, however sometimes when you push the limits you end up with incredible unforeseen results. So have fun and don’t be afraid to not only try the new presets in LR4, but create some of your own as well.

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