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Nikon 24-85mm VR Lens Review

As you guys know I like my Nikon Glass but I have been very harsh on certain lenses. Well this lens will not be an exception to that rule. Nikon decided to update their 24-85mm lens with VR and not the best VR, just the basic VR.

This lens has KIT written all over it though. The reason I say that is I would not put this lens on any current full frame camera on the market. The reason being is this is not a pro lens and most people with FX bodies like D700, D800, D3, D3s, D3x and D4 are looking for pro quality.

Another reason I say its a kit lens is its the perfect range to sell with an affordably priced entry level FX DSLR that does not currently exist.

Sure this lens will take ok pictures if all you are looking for are snap shots. But like I said about this is not for a PRO or anyone who is getting paid for their photography. I know this sounds harsh but at $600 you are pretty much buying the original lens and paying another $300 for VR to be added.

As you can see from the sample images below there is a ton of vignetting around the edges. That is something that you do not get on the top of the line lenses. You will also notice that when shooting at 24 the lines are not straight and than at 85 they again are not straight and bow out the opposite direction.

I hear people say that they like smaller lenses like this because they are lighter and easier to walk around with. I think that is a joke and I don’t buy into that. I personally do not buy lenses based on how much weight they have. I buy them based on will they give me the best image possible. If your looking to travel light than don’t take your full frame camera.

In the end this is not a lens that I would purchase for an FX body and for that matter its to expensive for a DX body. But if you are interested in this lens or any other Nikon Lens you can check out or call 215.547.2841.

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