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Nikon D4s Unboxing and SNIFF TEST

I did not have to wait to long to get my hands on my NEW Nikon D4s. I got the call from Allen at and than I was on my way to the store to pick it up.

But no NEW Camera purchase would be complete without the Unboxing and Sniff Test from the store. There is not much to report different than the D4 other than the adding of the S, a strap that now has an s on it and a battery charger that is now grey. All the major changes take place inside the camera and have me excited to get out and shoot with it. The only major news to report back to you guys is that this camera now has more nipples, a lot more nipples.

What you guys can expect over the next few weeks or months. I do plan on doing a full review of the camera and not one where it’s sample shots shot in a lab. It is one thing to “test” a camera it’s another to actually get out into the world and use it. I am all about getting it out there to use it and not wasting my time pixel peeping or seeing how high the iso will go to shoot that dark corner over there in my loft.

This camera will be shooting a lot of video. It will be used to capture my angle on RAWtalk as well as film many of my other videos for the website.

I look forward to sharing the results with you and I will be sure to upload some RAW files to play with.

If you are looking for any NIKON gear be sure to check out or give them a call at 215.547.2841. They are a mom and pop store that can compete with the big boys and win on customer service.

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Nikon D4s Preview Video. Click Here to read the full specs of this camera.