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Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise V2.0

Think Tank Photo has a line of camera bags that are meant to disguise that you are a photographer. Some people like these bags as they can cary their gear around without tipping there hand that they are really carrying some expensive gear. I on the other hand stand out like a sour thumb meaning no bag will keep people from looking my way.

I personally had never used an Urban Disguise bag until this 60 V2.0 landed on my door step the day I was heading to Vegas. I figured what better time to break in a new bag than to load it up for my trip. I utilized this bag as my lap top and accessory bag that slides over the handle to my airport international I like to carry on all my important electronics and this bag had a ton of room for everything from my lap top to battery chargers to my wireless mic packs.

I recently used this bag when i was out shooting a band and we went to lunch. I was AMAZED at how much gear it swallowed up!!!! It fit the hebrew trinity like no bodies business and had room for 3 or 4 more pro lenses and a bunch of accessories. It doubled as a great shoulder bag to shoot out of which really surprised me. It fit very well over the shoulder and was easy to access the lenses I needed when I was on the shoot.

This bag is not just for photographers, I see this bag being used by a journalist who needs to carry their lap top and possibly a small camera set up with room to spare. I would have no problem using this bag just as a lap top bag with the ability to carry a ton of camera gear. That to me is a great bonus, when a bag can be used in multiple situations!!!

To order an Urban Disguise bag please click the photo below. Any purchase over $50 on ThinkTank’s web site will get you a FREE camera bag!!