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ThinkTank Urban Disguise 35 V2 Review

I have always had a need for a bag that I could travel with that I could also shoot out of. The problem I would run into is certain bags are great to shoot out of but are terrible to carry around or travel long distances with. When you are trying to save money on baggage fees on the plane you really only want to travel with bags you will end up using.

When I was in Nashville a few months back and a Fro reader came out to one of the shows he had the ThinkTank Urban Disguise 35 v2. What I loved about the bag when he showed it was that it fit his gear along with the laptop and other accessories.

When I got the call to go to UTAH I knew I should pick up an Urban 35 and leave my retro 30 back home. I really wanted to take my retro 30 but I was only taking cary on bags. I had my Urban 35 and my airport security. In order to pack the Retro 30 I would have had to put it below the plane which just leads to longer waits for baggage after your flight. Thats when I made the decision to just take the Urban 35 and I would shoot out of it on this trip.

Onto the bag, this bag is another well built bag from ThinkTank with a million different places to put useful items. My main goal for this bag was to transport my gear and use the bag to shoot out of. I was not sure if I would be able to fit the hebrew trinity along with a laptop and Ipad but as you will see in the video it worked out very well. I was very surprised when I was able to make everything I wanted to fit fit. This bag is perfect if you have a Macbook Pro 13 inch or a laptop the same size or smaller.

I like to call this bag the perfect mobile office, its the right size for a grab and go bag. What I mean by that is you can pretty much take it anywhere with you and not only take pictures but accomplish any other work needed right out of this bag.

How is this bag to shoot out of as a primary bag? For what I was using it for it worked very well. If you are using your body and one lens depending on your bag layout you would be able to keep your other lenses ready to go and still have room for more. Its not as easy to shoot out of as a Retro 30 but it certainly did the job very well.

One last addition I added to this bag is the Shoulder Harness V2, this allows you to turn your should bag into a backpack. At first I was unsure how this would work out but after using it for one day it is a must have accessory. This is what turns the bag from just another bag into something that is all around amazing. Having the ability to grab and go while wearing this as a backpack will give you so much freedom. The straps are easy to use as you will see in the video and feel really secure while you are wearing them. If you do end up going with a bag like this I highly recommend getting the Harness.

Overal I loved this bag. To have the ability to carry my lap top, Ipad, D3s, 14-24, 24-70 along with batteries, memory cards and a ton of other accessories is just amazing. It is the perfect carry on bag on the plane. I can have all my gear with me opposed to worrying about it being anywhere else.

I give this bag 4.5 Fro Picks out of 5, it doesn’t get a perfect score because I don’t think there is one bag to rule them all though this bag does come close. Allen’s Camera stocks a full range of ThinkTank Bags 215.547.2841. Or you could click the ThinkTank Banner to the right.