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ThinkTank Airport Navigator REVIEW

When I first saw this ThinkTank Airport Navigator I thought it might just be the bag that replaces my shoulder bag. I was partly right and partly wrong.

The Airport Navigator will not replace your shoulder bag but that does not mean it may not be better. Like I have said many times before there is not “one bag” to rule them all. That is why we are left collecting bags like woman/men collect purses and shoes.

Here is what I liked about this bag. It fits the hebrew trinity, laptop, Ipad and a few extra items. I like the fact that it rolls and I can fly with it. Its built amazingly well like all other ThinkTank Bags. It is a nice function to be able to load the bag from the top or from a flip open compartment. I like how this may be a bag that finds its way to my top three bags for when I grab and go.

What I did not like about this bag. I don’t like that it’s not really easy to grab and go. Sure it has a shoulder strap and the bag did sit well on my hip but after a while it will get annoying to carry. I don’t like how the shoulder strap gets in the way when you are rolling the bag. There is no where to hide that strap if you are not using it without taking up real-estate inside. I would love to see some loops on the outside to attach some of ThinkTanks other smaller bags. When you open the door on the bag you have to un latch two connectors which hold the door from fully opening. I found that these latches are not the easiest to put back on esp if you are in a hurry. You really need to allow for two hands to re-attach them. A better idea might be som kind of snap opposed to fiddling with the connector they currently use.

Where is this bag best used. This bag is great for taking your core system of bodies and lenses along with your laptop ipad and some extra accessories. I loved having everything I wanted in one spot and having it easily accessible. Now this bag will not be great if you are going to be shooting in fast paced situations like weddings, concerts or sporting events. I say this because you can not easily just toss this bag over your shoulder and start running or changing lenses when needed.

If you find that you fly often with your gear and lap top and you dont have a lot to take on the plane with you this will be a great travel bag. For me though I don’t think I will be traveling with this bag when I am flying. The reason being is I already take my airport security on the plane with me along with my Urban Disguise 35 V2 which will double as my shooting out of bag. I say this now but I am also second guessing wether I will end up totally changing my mind and taking this with me. I guess time will tell on this one and I will have to give you an update.

This is another well rounded bag form the guys and gals at ThinkTank and it leaves me again questioning which ThinkTank bag is the right one for me. It’s funny how you think you might react to something during a review and in the course of your review you start second guessing yourself. You start to fight yourself over wether this bag really will become a more every day part of your life or not. There are pros and cons to it replacing my current set up but only time will tell.

To pick up one of these bags please give look are call them at 215.547.2841.