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Two Unboxings and a Sniff Test

I will be heading out of town for a weekend shoot in Park City Utah and wanted to pick up a few new toys for the trip.

I have been looking for a pair of in ear headphones and came across the Ultimate Ears 700 which run roughly $149. These in ears meaning they literally sit inside your ears are small yet built extremely well. I wanted to go with something small and easy to pack as my old over the ear headphones which are great when I am home are just to big to take on the road anymore. So far these little in ears are pretty amazing. Even though I am used to ear plugs I have to get used to wearing these for an extended period of time.

These will be great for using on an airplane for my ipod and Ipad as well as blocking out background noise. I will bring you a full report on my findings from my trip to UTAH with these in ears.

Secondly I was looking for a better way to carry my 13 inch Macbook Pro, Ipad and some camera gear. I ran into a kid in Nashville on the way to SXSW who had a ThinkTank Photo Urban Disguise 35 v2 that looked amazing. I decided to order one in and it came in yesterday. This bag is just amazing, it fits my Ipad, laptop, a ton of other stuff and honestly it fits the hebrew trinity and D3s (not with a lens on). Thats right it will fit that whole set up so if I needed to do shooting in one location and didnt need a shoulder bag, I would have all my computers and my fav lenses. I consider this bag to be a mobile office as it has everything you need to run any business from anywhere.

I will have a full review of this bag soon after I get home from UTAH. So far so good.

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