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This Smells Like a "Purple" Laser!!!

A little while back I talked about one item that always should be in your bag. Well this Zacuto Z Finder Pro 3X is now always in mine.

I consider the Zacuto Z Finders to be some of the best built and optically sound viewfinders on the market. I have used the third party viewfinders and find them to be subpar. Sure the off brand ones may be less expensive but they are also less quality all the way from build quality to optics.

The way I look at purchasing gear is why not try and buy the best that is on the market. Yes these Z-Finders are expensive. But the fact is if you want sharp and consistant results that are built well, than you will want to check out all things Zacuto.

The uses for this are simple, you can use it to double check the focus of images you already took. Or you could use it the way I like to which is to capture tack sharp and in focus video.

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