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MACKLEMORE 5 Min Portrait / First Person Shooter with the Canon 1D X and GoPro

I am back with my latest 5 Min Portrait and First Person Shooter Project video all in one. I had the chance to Photograph Macklemore of Thrift Shop fame for his three song set. For this video I decided to let you watch all three songs as captured by the First Person Shooter Camera as well as do a commentary track over the video.

Let me set up the gear I was using first before I break into what it was like to photograph this show. I was using the Canon 1D X with the 70-200 2.8II, 24-70 2.8II (thanks and the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition attached to the hot shoe of the Canon.

If you have never photographed a concert this is the closest you can get to being in the pit without being there. As is normal today we had three songs to capture Macklemore who loves to run around the stage. Beyond how fast he moves (which is great by the way) he had sunglasses on which means you do not get that personal feel from seeing his eyes. Later on in his set he did end up taking his glasses off which allowed me to capture some nice images.

I will let you know that this was a paying gig and it was the first time I used the Canon 1D X on a real shoot. I felt confident enough in the Canon gear to that I was not worried about this being a paying gig. When I look at the images I captured I dont sit here and go wow that camera really captured great images, I look at it as what ever tool is in my hands allowed me to capture those images.

A lot of times three songs is enough to capture most artists but with Mack running around the stage so much it would have been great to capture the entire set. That way you could focus on certain types of images and not have to hope you are capturing the ones you want.

In the end I took 240 images which in my opinion is way to many for a three song set. Like I said in the video back when I started shooting concerts with film you would shoot somewhere around two rolls (72 images). Of course times change and with the ability to store more images you sometimes take advantage of it.

I am pretty happy with the results from this camera and hope that this video gives you a real look into what its like photographing in the pit.

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