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How to Upgrade the Nikon D7000 Firmware

Just about all DSLR Cameras today have the ability to upgrade their firmware. Here are the basic instructions for upgrading your Nikon D7000 Firmware. This video will walk you through the simple steps of upgrading the firmware from where the file goes on your SD card to how to double check the upgrade was successful. […]

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Photo of the Week – Hi-ISO with Nikon D7000

During the trip down and back from SXSW I took a had the pleasure of using the Nikon D7000. Now you know it is hard to go from a D3s to a D7000 but to give it a fair shot I had to use it in a concert situation. In prior weeks I have shown […]

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D7000 Video Test – Philadelphia Flyers

At a recent Philadelphia Flyers game I was testing out the Nikon D7000 s HD video. I put the camera on at the right time as the Flyers scored a goal. The video was shot with the Nikon D7000 on Manual exposure using the Nikon 24-70 2.8 with manual focus. For video the camera handles […]

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How to Photography Ice Hockey with Nikon D7000

I recently made a phone call to the Philadelphia Flyers to get myself a photo pass to test out the Nikon D7000 and Sigma 17-50. There will be a full review of both pieces of equipment very soon. For this weeks photo of the week I decided to talk about this shot below that I […]

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Nikon D7000 Setup Tutorial

I put together this series to help you set up and understand your Nikon D7000. Some of the information may be basic but this is a really good way to get to understand your cameras buttons and menus. In part one I discuss what each buttons function is as well as how it works. Part […]

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Nikon D7000 Unboxing and Sniff Test

I finally got my hands on a Nikon D7000 review unit and I am really excited to play with it. After hearing so many great things about the camera both low light and video performance I am ready to put it threw the Fro Test to see how it holds up. Coming very soon you […]

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Nikon D7000 Un-Boxing

I finally got my hands on a D7000, I got to unbox and sniff it!!! Wow does this camera feel nice in the hands, its built solid and has a ton of dedicated buttons. I can not wait to get a test unit of this body as it seems like it is going to take […]

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Nikon D7000 Preview

The Nikon D7000 is another step in the right direction for Nikon. They are taking video to the next level with each and every entry into the market as well as focusing on the more important Hi-ISO capability of the cameras. This camera pretty much puts the Nikon D300s out to pasture as it will […]

Rapid Fire Critique

Old Camera + Kit Lens = What’s YOUR EXCUSE!? Rapid Fire Critique

NEW FroPack 1 Lightroom Presets (40% off) Welcome back to another Rapid Fire Critique. This time I critique a set from a photographer using a Nikon D7000 and the kit 18-140mm Lens. They are getting fantastic results with an older camera and a kit lens. Download MyGearVault

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Nikon D810 Real World Review

For the FULL RES exported images please click here. Click Here to Download Four RAW Files from the Nikon D810. When Nikon announced the D810 many people thought it was simply a minor update to the D800. The truth of the matter is that it was a very nice evolution of an already nice camera. […]

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Nikon D750 Preview

This is my preview of the Nikon D750, I have not held, used, sniffed or done anything with this camera. This is a preview which means I run down the specs and give you my thoughts on what this camera has or does not have. Based on the specs and price of the camera I […]

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Nikon D4s Preview

After announcing the development of the Nikon D4s a few months ago, Nikon has officially announced the D4s. Thought this camera adds an s I personally think it adds much much more. There has always been this idea that when Nikon replaces their top of line model after two years all they do is add […]

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This is the FINAL EPISODE…..RAWtalk #066

Right Click Here and hit save as to download this weeks RAWtalk Episode as an MP3. Don’t worry this is not the FINAL EPISODE of RAWtalk ever, just the final one for the year. To kick off this weeks Episode we discuss the recent Bootcamp in New Orleans followed by my few days off in […]