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Photographing Justin Bieber - First Person Shooter Project

At a recent concert I got to shoot photos form the pit of Justin Bieber. This video will break down my thoughts on the images I captured and why I shot them the way I did.

I have opened up the FULL RES exported JPEGS for you to download and print for personal use only. I ask that you respect the watermark on the images as well as my request that you do not try and sell these images.

Below you can watch the full three song set that I had to capture Bieber. Though you may think three songs is not a lot of time, it really is. You have time to capture a lot of different angles with different lenses. I also go into the pit with a plan of what I would like to accomplish and stay focused to do so.

Click the image below to access all the FULL RES exports from this video.

Click Here to access all the FULL RES exports from this concert.