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5 Min Portrait - From the NEW Loft

I love nothing more than creating images and I have to say my NEW Loft lends well to doing so. Last week Todd Wolfe of Cheesesteak Media stopped by to check out my new space. While he was there I asked him if he would pose for a 5 min portrait.

What is great about this 5 min portrait is I also include the First Person Shooter Project into it. You get to follow along and see my perspective as I capture images in what is close to a true 5 Min Portrait.

There is so much light in the new loft as there is an entire wall full of huge windows. Right off the bat I guessed my settings and they ended up being spot on which I take pride in. Like I have said in the past you should be able to walk into a situation, guess your settings and be able to have the proper exposure within three shots. In this case I had the proper exposure without even taken a test shot.

Click Here to see the FULL SET from this 5 min Portrait.

There was one tweak I needed to make with the exposure when Todd went form being away from the window to right next to it. It just makes sense right, the closer to the window the closer to the light source you are. Being that there was more light on Todd I had to decide which direction to take my exposure. As always we look at the exposure triangle to determine what we could do. I could speed up my shutter speed, up my f-stop or lower my ISO. In this case I ended up lowering my ISO and left the rest of my settings the same.