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Photographing PSY "Gangnam Style"

I got the chance to photograph PSY at a recent radio show and this video explains how I went about capturing the images. Everyone now is familiar with the three song rule but for PSY the rules were a little different. You only had one song to photography, not because they were limiting how many you could shoot but because he only performed ONE SONG!!!!

Knowing that PSY would be coming on and probably dancing I set myself up at the dead center of the stage before the prior act was finished. I knew it would be important to own my spot before anyone else tried to take it. Well i succeeded, I owned the center spot for the entire song and captured the shots I envisioned.

By now you should know how I talk about pre-visualization, I knew with limited time I had to focus on captured one type of image. In this case that would be a dancing wide angle shot of PSY. That is exactly what I captured and you can check out the FULL FULL RES exports by clicking the image below.

You can print or share these images for personal use but you can not sell or make a profit off of them.

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