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Join me in the PIT as I photograph of Monsters and Men for 3 Full Songs - First Person Shooter Project

This is your chance to join me in the photo pit for three songs as I photography Of Monsters and Men. I am not sure if this has been done before but I attached my Contour Roam to my D4 to capture one clip of what I see in the pit for three full songs. This is the first time that I have filmed a shoot of this nature from the pit.


Three songs is the going time frame when you are shooting shows if you are not with the band. For those of you who have never ventured into the pit this is a first hand look as to what goes on. You will see how fast the lights change, how tight the quarters were in this particular pit and see how I work with others in the pit. There are so many variables going on at any


given time from the lights to the sounds to the crowed to the band. You have to be calm in the moment, feel it and than capture it.

I wanted to create a video for your guys that went beyond the norm and ventures into more advanced teachings. I know some of you may not understand some of the concepts I am talking about in the video but I know you will in time. I am starting to mix it up a little more on the site, we have had almost two years of basic photography and now its time to mix in there some more advanced teachings for those who are interested.

I hope you enjoy this look inside the pit, a place that many people have never been but now you can say you have.

To see all 53 images from the three songs please Click Here or any of the images above and below.