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Canon 5D Mark III Unboxing Sniff Test and Samples

As always when something new comes into Allen’s Camera ( I get the important call to Unbox and Sniff Test the camera.

When it comes to these new cameras I am not allowed to fire them off, just unbox and sniff them. This time around I lucked out when an Allen’s customer came in to purchase two cameras I asked for permission to run some sample photos and videos. In exchange for an I Shoot RAW T-Shirt and BlackRapid strap he said yes!!!!

I really loved the feel of this camera in my hands. The new rubberized feeling really made the camera a joy to hold, along with some newly placed buttons.

I really could see myself purchasing this camera as it seems to offer a ton of features that I would be looking for. From very very good low light ability for stills to amazing video quality.

You can check out the sample full res jpegs below which are housed on flickr. Click Here to download Sample Video 1 and Sample Video 2 both directly from the new camera. The first file is 140 megs and is 720p 60fps all i-frame the second is 300 megs 1080p 24fps all i-frame.

The Second FILE can not be downloaded because it is over 200 megs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you would like to pick up some I SHOOT RAW gear you can use the CODE FRO5D at checkout to get 2 free keychains and a sticker pack with your order of $14.99 or more. CLICK HERE

Click Here to see the FULL RES images captured at ISO’s up to 25,600.

Click Here to see the full res image