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Edit this RAW file Week 9

For this weeks RAW edit we get a file from a camera that we do not see to often, a Fuji S3. The fuji DSLR’s were built off a Nikon D100 body but with a fuji sensor inside. These fuji sensors were known for being able to capture a huge range of tones in both highlights and shadows.

As you will see in the video Greg and I both had a little bit of trouble starting out to edit this file. I think that I was able to bring it out a little more this week than Greg but still was a little uneasy about my edit. One thing I did notice when sliding the “fill light” slider is how much data there actually was in the shadow area. This file may be the perfect file for your HDR guys out there.

You can download this weeks RAW file RIGHT HERE. I would love to see how you would edit this, will you edit it as an HDR or will you tweak it more like Greg and I?

IF you would like to submit a RAW file for us to edit please e mail it to

Greg’s Edit

Greg's Edit

Jared’s Edit

Jared's Edit