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Home Studio Headshot

Setting up a home studio can present a challenge especially if your space is limited like my Brooklyn, New York loft. However, that doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker and there are ways you can work with what you’ve got in order to get the shot.

I set up a seamless backdrop with a 5′ Octa as my key and basic hi-key setup on the backdrop with cross lighting from 2 additional strobes. To get a little more kick/fill for the face I set up a Lumopro LP160 perpendicular to the ground facing a 40″ white bounce on a low power setting to get a soft wash of light.

I used the 5′ Octa as my key to get soft light knowing that my flash to subject distance was going to be very close and that the closer to the light source, the harsher the light and shadows.

I’m very happy with the resulting image. The light is soft and balanced with nice shape and the shadows have really smooth falloff. Keith is also very happy with the images and is using them both professionally and as his FaceBook profile photo.

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