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Raw Edit of the WEEK 50 Jared and Adams Edit

Your Raw Edits of the WEEK 50

Adam and I dive into this Nikon D3s RAW File that was shot at 8000 ISO to give it our brand of editing. First I want to say there were so many amazing edits and screen flows that you guys came up with this week. I will be making a video pointing those out very soon.

When I was editing this file I started with pulling back on the tint and removing the magenta. As soon as I did that you could see the white start to come back into the image. Adam pretty much did the same thing but he explains why he decided to keep more magenta in the image than I did.

Be sure to stick around to the last part of the video as Adam and I have a really great discussion that sometime soon will end up in a new pod cast

Jareds Edits

Jareds RAW Edit 50 color

Jareds RAW EDIT 50 Black And White

Adams Edits

Adams RAW EDIT 50 Color

Adams RAW EDIT 50 Black And White