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The Winner of the BlackRapid RS Sport

Last week when I announced the FroKnowsPhoto Meet up at Allen’s Camera I also posed a question that would server as a contest to win a BlackRapid RS-Sport. The question was if you had $5,000 to spend at Allen’s Camera what would you spend it on.

There were so many great comments left and after reading so many I decided I just have to pick two winners, one with a very serious response and the other was very humorous.

Here is the first winner

Lance Gilbert

$5000 would allow me to purchase a 70-200 VR II f/2.8 lens, a Macro 105mm f/2.8 lens, and a BRAD for my RS-7 and a Nikon Speedlight, possibly the 700 or 900. I would have about $1,100 left over which I would like to use for underprivileged children who have a desire to learn photography and allow them to buy a camera of their choice and help teach them the art of photography. There are many artistic children out there that 1) can not afford to get into photography and their schools do not have the funds to focus on the arts and 2) do not have access to anyone to help mentor them with their creative talents. This is a passion of mine having grown up in a housing project and now I am on the Board for a local Housing Authority always seeking ways to improve the lives of those that live in the projects.

This is just an honest answer and I love the fact that the left over money would go to help spread the love of photography to someone who is really in need. Great answer and congratulations on your new RS-Sport, I am sure there are plenty of people who would love to accept your donation of the RS-7 your currently have.

The second winner is

Anne Greve Morgan
$5000 break down sale at Allens.
1st I would need the tall blond guy that works at Allen’s to help me with my sale.

2nd I would ask which len size would best fit my D90, 24-70mm or should I go bigger 70-200mm, f/2.8 a course. And let him pretend he talked me into buying both of them.

3rd I then would give a sad pouty look and tell tall blond guy no thank you on the lens filter I use my hood just like the Fro does thank you.

4th asked to be shown how to flash with a Nikon SB900 speedlight and could it work with a light kit and tell him to put it in the bag.

5th then give a wink an say with all the money I have left over lets get a drink and a pizza at Trevose, Hon.
Now that would be a good sale : ).

First I have to say that I love the fact that her profile picture is of Animal from the muppets!!!! Second it just made me laugh to think how well thought out this is. I did call the “blonde guy” whos name is Rob and he found it to be very flattering.

Congrats on winning, I will give you your option between the RS-Sport or the RS-w1!!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered.