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Think Tank Photo Glass Taxi Review

When I initially ordered the Think Tank Photo Glass Taxi I had in mind that I would use it just for the option of carrying my big glass on a body. Wow was I surprised when this bag landed on my doorstep and I found out that it was for more than just big glass. Yes this bag will hold up to a 500 f4 as well as a 400 2.8 and a 300 2.8 on a body (not all at the same time of course). When I opened the Glass Taxi for the first time and saw how many inserts were in there I instantly wanted to see how many lenses I could fit in there. Turns out that this bag was able to hold 7 pro Nikon Lenses, a Pro Body and still had room for other lenses and accessories.

I can see this bag becoming a way for me to take my pro gear around with me when I am traveling on a plane. It is slightly easier to use than the Think Tank Shape Shifter which I love and use all the time. This is not a bag that you want to use on a photo shoot where you need to get to and change lenses fast. You would want to get Think Tank Retrospective 20 or 30 for that.

All and all i loved the design of this bag and the fact that it does more than what I expected it to. It is built extremely well, felt comfortable to carry while loaded with all the gear and had so many extra options just in case I needed to use them.

Check out the video to see how many Fro Picks out of 5 this bag received.

You can also call Allen at Allen’s Camera to purchase this bag, just ask for the FRO PRICE 215.547.2841