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WARNING - Way to many tips on Concert Photography

This week’s super secret project video is from a Skype call I had with Mike. Mike emailed me to figure out how he can get a photo credential for an upcoming concert in his town. He was not sure where he should look or who he should contact. Ten minutes after I fired him off exactly what to do he e mailed me back and said “I got the pass for the show”.

I asked Mike to give me a call so we can record it to help all of you out there. What happened on the 13 min long call I can only explain as me giving out way to much quality information on concert photography.

I will let you know right now I am working on the Concert Photographers guide which is going to be packed full of straight up real world information that will help you become a concert photographer. There is going to be hours of video footage of me at shows showing you exactly what to do along with the Ebook. Keep an eye out for that!!!!

For now enjoy this skype call until I decide to take it down because the information is to good.

80’s nostalgia – Who remembers V.I.C.I from A Small Wonder, who wouldnt want a robot sister.