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Adobe Lightroom 4 Develop Module

I had a chance to spend a little time in the Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta and wow am I impressed with the new Develop Module functions. Right off the bat, you can see how more refined the Develop Module tools are. The adjustments are more subtle, yet robust. Gone is the super-harshness of mid-tone blow-up with the clarity tool and now with individual adjustments for Highlights, Shadows, White Point and Black Point, we have a lot more flexibility to get our images just right.

Also, there are now some great improvements to the adjustment brush module. It now mirrors the Develop module with the same adjustments and functionality and more! You now can locally make White Balance adjustments to specific portions of the frame – wow! There are noise reduction and moire adjustments as well for those of you who use that stuff.

Overall, I’ve just scratched the surface with the new features and am excited to explore the other modules and make more videos to share with you guys with the new features of Adobe Lightroom 4.

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