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ContourRoam First Person Shooter Photography Project

I picked up a ContourROAM action camera from Allens Camera a few weeks back because I had a really interesting idea. I thought it would be a very cool idea to somehow wear this camera while doing photo shoots.

Originally I thought I would use the helmet strap attachment around my FRO to capture what I was photographing. Than I came up with the idea that I would use the hot shoe of my camera to hold the ContourROAM to give you my point of view while photographing.

The next step was to figure out how I get the camera to go into the hot shoe so I could easily take it on and off. I had to pick up some accessories from Allens to make this happen. First I needed a “Cold Shoe with a 1/4-20 Converter to screw into the camera and than slide into the hot shoe. The first issue I faced was camera did not sit up high enough so it was hitting my forehead when trying to take horizontal images. I picked up a second “Cold Shoe” along with a Stoboframe Flash Mount Adapter which gave me the height I needed.

With this set up my plan is to give you guys a first person shooter look at my photo shoots. For many of my shoots I can not man the second camera to capture me photographing. With this ContourROAM I can now record and photograph at the same time giving you the ability to see exactly what I was looking at when I captured images.

If you would like to check out the ContourROAM and other accessories for it please CLICK HERE to go to