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Digital Photography How To - Intro To Off Camera Flash

There are so many hidden nuggets in our DSLR’s that we either don’t know about or seldom use. One of them is Nikon’s CLS system which many of you probably never even heard of, but in this video I will touch on this robust system of controlling one of more flashes from your Nikon camera’s built-in flash or a Nikon speedlight.

This video may be a bit more intermediate, but from beginners to pros, learning how to control flash with your DSLR’s built-in commander-mode is one of those wow features.

Nikon’s CLS or Creative Lighting System is a wireless system that allows line-of-sight, wireless control of remote flashes. A single flash can be controlled, as can several banks of multiple flashes, or any number in between.

TTL control can be maintained wirelessly, and adjusted to compensate exposure. Wireless manual control is also available as is the ability to change power on the flashes remotely. I prefer manual over TTL.

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