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On Stage with Matisyahu - First Person Shooter Project

As I continue with the First Person Shooter Project you get to see me on stage at a recent show with Matisyahu. This time around I had two cameras running, the Nikon D7000 as a static shot on the side of the stage and the countour cam on top of my D3s capturing the first person angle.

All I can say is this was one of the hardest shows to shoot due to the lighting, I will elaborate more on that in the future. When that is the case you have to get creative in order to get something usable. There are always a few options, you can pop a flash but that wouldn’t have been a good idea and rarely is a good idea. Or you can start to get creative and try to seize the opportunity when it arises.

In this case the opportunity came when Matis went out to the barricade and the lights came up for a quick second. I was not prepared with the right lens on but you will see I quickly made the change and a decision. The split second decision I had to make was should I walk out onto the middle of the stage to try and capture Matis with crowd holding him up? As you will see in the video I went for it, check out the video to see what happened next.

First Person Shooter Project - Matisyahu
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