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Intro to Flash Photography - LumoPro LP160 Unboxing

Many of you guys have been asking me about affordable off-camera speedlights. At the recent PhotoPlus Expo in NYC, I met Moishe from Midwest Photo Exchange,, who sent me a couple of their flagship speedlights, the Lumopro 160.

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The Lumopro 160 has the same power output as a Canon 580 EXII or Nikon SB900! It’s about the same size as those flashes as well and beside being compatible with your Nikon or Canon DSLR, you can use this with an incredible range of cameras depending on how you sync.

The Lumopro 160 is a fully manual flash. That means there is no TTL which is how they can keep the price so low. This means, you have to control your flash manually as it will not be controlled via TTL. All of the controls for the Lumopro 160 are on the back of the flash and couldn’t be easier to control. You can zoom the flash from 24mm – 105mm and set the power settings from 1/1 down to 1/64. Beside conventionally syncing via the hotshoe, the Lumopro 160 has both PC and miniplug sync jacks so you can easily sync with any camera with a PC sync jack and you can also easily sync with other Lumopro 160’s.

I recommend you going to the site to learn more about these affordable and powerful flashes. I was immediately impressed and will be presenting more videos of me putting these flashes to use in photo shoots.

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