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Intro to Off-Camera Flash Photography - Polaroid Photo Shoot

In this video, I mix things up a bit and combine new and old technology. This is a quick self-portrait photo shoot using a 40+ year-old Polaroid camera while syncing 2 modern speedlights.

I will show you guys how to simply connect a modern flash to a vintage camera via the PC sync port. I will also trigger a second flash via optical remote sync to add a little backlight or rim light.

This is a very simple lighting technique and easy to set up. The cool thing is that we’re using a vintage film camera with modern flashes and doing everything manually.

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Setup/Gear details: Polaroid 180 using it’s self timer triggering 2 LumoPro LP 160s. Camera is 1/500 @ 4.5. LP160 in unbrella is @ 24mm, 1/2 power in first 3 photos, 1/16 in 4th photo and 1/8th power in 5th photo. Optically slaved LP160 behind me for rim light at 1/32 power zoomed to 105 w/o diffuser.