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Raw Edit of the WEEK 55 Jared and Adam - Avril Lavigne

What is really interesting about this weeks RAW Edit of Avril Lavigne is that Adam and I ended up with very close edits once again. My photos seem to be a little more blown out where as Adams has more detail in the face which I like a lot. Like I say in this video I think I would like an edit somewhere in between Adams and mine.

I will be getting to your RAW edits of the week NEXT and I can not wait to go through every single one as well as the screen flows. I am going to attempt to make a playlist with all of your Screen Flow videos so you can watch one after another.

CLICK HERE to download this and other RAW Files for Editing

Avril Lavign Raw Edit Jared Color

Check out Past RAW Edits of the WEEK Right Here in this Play List. Click the grey box in the bottom corner of the player to select a video to view or click play and watch them all one after the other.

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