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ThinkTank Photo Glass TAXI Sniff TEST

I have always had issues carrying around my 300 2.8 as it is usually kept in a separate bag that isn’t big enough to allow for the camera body.

So I went out and picked up a Think Tank Photo Glass Taxi bag and was surprised what I found. I found that this was more than just a shoulder bag to hold a 300 2.8 with a body on it. In reality it can hold up to s 500 f4, act as a backpack as well as an extra camera bag.

When I unzipped the bag the first time I realized that this could act as full time camera bag. What I mean by that is I could fit the D3s with the “Hebrew Trinity” and some other accessories in this bag.

Like all other Think Tank Photo bags this bag is built extremely well and will not only protect your gear but look good while doing it.

(Keep and eye out for The ThinkTank Super Hero)

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