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Top 5 August 13th and 14th

It seems that chairs may have given some people a tough time this past weekend. I know it is hard to sometimes give life to objects that are not living but it is out job as photographers to try to capture motion no matter what the subject may be. Sometimes it is taking a different angle, others it is trying something with the lighting.

Below you will find the Top 5 images from this past weekend. When i am selecting images I am not looking only for images that meat the theme but images that stand out and pop. There was one image of a swimmer that I saw that I would love to have used but I thought it would really pop if it were in black and white so I e mailed the photographer to give them that feedback.

You can vote for your favorite this week by selecting “LIKE” for the # that corresponds with the image you are voting for. Don’t forget that the top vote getting will win some FREE prints from AdoramaPIX and one person who VOTES will also win some FREE PRINTS.

The NEW THEME is “Window Light” and that I will leave up to you to interpret how you please. Please post your images in the WEEKEND SECTION before the end of the DAY Thursday. Please select only your best images to post and remember they do not have to match the theme. GOOD LUCK.

#1 AlexB

#2 Davegar5

#3 53cent

#4 TheLost

#5 JoeLewisPhoto