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Top 5 July 16th and 17th - Please Vote

Top 5 time, below you will find the top 5 images from the weekend where the theme was “Signs”. What I was looking to see where signs that defined the scene. Something like #1 below where you can read the sign but the scene brings it all into context. CLICK HERE to see all of this weekends submissions.

Now its time to VOTE for your favorite image from the weekend and help that photographer and possibly yourself WIN some FREE prints from

Please use the FACEBOOK comment box below to “LIKE” the number of the photo you would like to vote for as well as leave a comment. The winner will be determined by the most “LIKES”.

NEW THEME – This weekends theme is two fold “Portraits” or “Random Street Portrait”. Portraits are simple but let me explain a little more about the Random Street Portrait. What you will need to do is find a random person and ask permission to photograph them for an assignment.


I will say be very careful and make sure you are in a safe place with a lot of people just incase you have any issues. If you are underage please make sure you have supervision when trying to take a random street portrait. If you do not feel confutable please do not attempt to talk to strangers and just think and be smart out there.

#1 nikonfave

#2 shoozahandle0823

#3 sammyistheman

#4 Michael Benson

#5 JS GTI47