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Top 5 July 30th and 31st - Please Vote

You guys did an AMAZING job going out and capturing landmarks this weekend. My goal was to get people to see from the eyes of the photographer the history in each persons city.

I love history, I love the stories behind everything and the amazing events that occurred at different places. There is so much history to learn from, the past is a very strong teaching tool.

Below you will find the TOP 5 from the weekend and if this weeks voting is anything like last weeks every vote counts. Click Here to see how close last weeks was.

Please use the Facebook comments box below, click the “LIKE” next to the number of the image you are voting for. Be sure to leave a comment as to why you are voting for that picture as that enters you to WIN some free prints from

The NEW Theme for the weekend of August 6th and 7th is “Storage Devices” this could be anything that stores stuff from electronics to food and even trash. You can post images that you capture on the weekend all the way up until Thursday. CLICK THE LINKS to access the weekend forum section to see others work.

#1 rrhall

#2 Duskycat

#3 omgdek

#4 rener

#5 Zul