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Raw Edit of the WEEK 55 - Avril Lavigne

Each week I want to bring you fun files to play with for the RAW Edit. This week I was showing Adam some of my photos from the jingle ball (which will be part of my First Person Shooter Project) and he talked me into letting everyone edit one of my Avril Lavigne Photos. This was my second favorite one as I am keeping the first one for myself.

You will get to see a short video clip of what I was looking at when I took this photo that I captured with the ContourROAM. CLICK HERE to see more about the First Person Shooter Project. You will get to see Avril walk form the back of the stage to the front than for a split second put her boot on the monitor while you hear me snap off three shots and than she moves on.

How would you edit this file, would you crop it even though I think the composition is ace? Feel free to crop, I fully encourage you to if you feel it would make for a better image. Would you stay color or go black and white or split tone? Lets see what you would do with this and don’t be afraid to try a fun second edit.

CLICK HERE to access this weeks RAW FILE.

Unedited Image

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